martes, mayo 9

Golden nudist

Bleeding out your kindness,
You don't need to be that charming,
Will you really be happy if you see me with somebody else?

You've made stardust shy,
Taking off your shirt just like that,
While I'm trying not to stare,
While I'm trying not to eventually dream awake.

You are oscillating between the prince and the beast,
Being so calm,
Reading at my aching heart,
Convincing me that is ok,
To keep on visit your green eyes,
To keep on tempting my shaking hands.

You didn't start this,
You didn't say that you love me,
I just saw you there,
So alone, 
So great,
So full of what I'm lacking.

What could I do?
If you are always there,
What could I do?
If you are so honest, and great?

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